Jaeyoung Lee | Seoul, Korea | Programmer

Work Experience

DUNAMU. 2016. 07 ~

Every services has been operating on the AWS(using EB, Kubernetes, Drone and etc.).

Move Incorporated 2013. 08 ~ 2016. 06

Every services has been operating on the AWS(using EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront and so on).

Software Maestro 3rd. 2012. 07 ~ 2013. 07

Stage 1
  • Bindr is social network service project.
  • Image to Torrent is image processing project.
    • find original video by given screenshot
Stage 2
  • Statistical Korean Lexical Analyzer is NLP project.
    • make statistical model using BlogParser's collection
    • to make model, used CRF algorithm.
  • BlogParser is cralwer for korean blog systems such as Tistory, Naver, Daum and Egloos.
    • It collected over than 50,000,000 articles.
    • collected articles was used to make statistical model.
  • KeywordExtractor extracts keywords from given document and order it by using statistical algorithm.
  • FindBook, QA system, SiteHunter, and so on.